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French fashion brand 1.2.3 partners with WizVille to modernize its customer relations

Giving a new meaning to customer interactions: French apparel brand 1.2.3. recently set up customer feedback software, WizVille, in 90 of its stores and has succeeded in improving both customer satisfaction and local team performance. In play: higher conversion rates and an increase in numbers of customers willing to promote the urban chic apparel brand.

1.2.3 had previously relied on its customer service team to gather customer feedback, but mostly had access to customer complaints. The brand lacked visibility on their strong points and were unable to react to in-store customer experience issues in real-time. Hence the desire to encourage the collection of real-time customer feedback directly in its stores, and in particular that of its loyalty cardholders who account for a large percentage of the group’s revenue.

The brand needed a long-term solution to optimize its customer-centricity: customizable software which would allow it to continuously improve customer relations in each one of its stores and enable it to quickly identify and contact unhappy customers.

Getting inside a customer’s mind

WizVille gathers customer feedback through email surveys, both automated and accessible on a dedicated website. The WizVille solution provides real-time customer feedback data, accessible at all levels of the company – network managers, regional managers and local stores. It provides 1.2.3 with a more efficient way to listen to customers rather than their regular mystery shoppers.

Laurent Brangeon, Sales Manager at 1.2.3, confirms: “WizVille’s Voice of the Customer software caught my attention as it is able to improve a company’s reactivity by enabling it to continuously listen to what its customers have to say, with the added bonus of a weekly report. It’s a huge step forward from our mystery clients.”

The solution was set up in two stages, with an initial testing phase in 21 points of sale, followed by the roll-out of the solution in an additional 68 stores.

Satisfaction leads to positive word-of-mouth

Today, 89 1.2.3 Stores, spread out all over France are paying special attention to their clients’ feedback thanks to the WizVille’s real-time customer feedback tools. They are able to measure satisfaction in real-time, efficiently address customer comments and suggestions and improve their customer/brand relationships.

Yet the benefits go even further, as Laurent Brangeon explains: “Thanks to WizVille, we are able to imagine and develop new services and create a differentiating and more modern customer experience in our stores.” The brand is able to further optimize its customer satisfaction levels and turn more customers into brand promotors – a key asset for the network.

Local teams go out of their way to satisfy customers

Positive customer feedback is now more than ever highlighted in all stores equipped with WizVille, an operational support both for managing and training sales teams.

“We wanted to give real meaning to our setting up this feedback software, and really encourage its adoption and use. All of our teams feel very positive about the change and the solution in now well-anchored in the daily management process.”, says Laurent Brangeon. “WizVille is part of a more global approach to empower our staff and will encourage them to set higher standards for themselves in terms of customer relations.”

This logic is shifting customer experience into a virtuous circle, with the added benefit of developing the activity and optimizing conversion rates.

About WizVille

WizVille is a French startup company, founded by Timothée de Laitre and Romain Lauwerier in January 2012. The company develops a SaaS customer feedback software for managing customer experience in stores and other sales outlets. The solution offers a new way of managing local sales teams based on real-time customer feedback. The young company was quickly able to convince large organizations such as Monoprix, Le Duff (Brioche Dorée), Laforêt Immobilier, Le Groupe Etam (1.2.3.) and 5àSec, the world leading dry cleaning chain, into using its customer feedback software.

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About 1.2.3

The 1.2.3 brand includes over 150 stores, located throughout France. The brand also has a global presence with stores in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. It offers women style and elegance for every occasion. Elegance, femininity and modernity inspire each of its collections.