Customer Satisfaction Superpowers for Local Heroes

Maximize your ROI

Our predictive insights tell each employee which areas need to be optimized first to maximize sales and competitiveness

on annual sales

Our predictive algorithms allow you to identify priorities that can save your shops up to 25% in turnover


Our AI recommendations automatically help your stores to improve in order to gain up to 40% in competitiveness

÷ 3
analysis time required

Our smart recommendations save your team valuable time in analyzing customer satisfaction

The most complete and comprehensive platform 

All the tools you need to measure customer satisfaction and get your teams on track to maximize its optimization.

Smart recommendations

Let our AI guides you and recommends which aspects to prioritize in order to maximize customer loyalty, spending (average basket) and competitiveness.

Time saving

Continuous customer satisfaction management

Manage customer satisfaction at each key stage of the customer journey through all available channels: Email, SMS, Web, QR codes, Whatsapp...

Prospects & Clients

Customer reviews management

Centralize your customer reviews, collected on public platforms (Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc.), and manage them in the same place.


Boost your e-reputation

Publish verified customer reviews of your stores, products, and e-commerce websites on all public platforms. And then increase your total number of reviews.

Go live

Benchmark customer satisfaction

A score is worthless if it can't be compared. Find out how your customer satisfaction puts your brand and locations in the hearts of consumers with our benchmarking tools.

Continuous watch
Competition benchmark

Measure customer satisfaction impact on sales

Customer satisfaction is the number one driver of sales in retail. Explore the impact of customer satisfaction on your sales in every aspect of the customer journey, and adjust your strategy accordingly.


A “First Class” user experience

Our solution is based on a simple and efficient user experience that could be used by anyone, encouraging people to take action.

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    All your metrics at a glance

    Our customizable dashboards show each employee the customer satisfaction metrics that are relevant to them on a single page.

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    All your reviews are in the same place

    A single interface to process reviews, whether they come from Google or your questionnaires, allows you to be more efficient and work on what matters.

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    A common timeline for your reviews

    Track all actions taken by your teams on each customer review in a single timeline.

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    iOS and Android applications

    WizVille mobile applications allow your employees to receive alerts and have their customers' opinions in their pockets.

All your metrics at a glance
All your reviews are in the same place
A common timeline for your reviews
iOS and Android applications

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