Customer satisfaction management

Offer the best possible experience to your customers

WizVille helps you mobilize all your teams around the customer experience, from headquarters to the ground.


Collect feedback on all your customer experiences

Survey your customers on the spot or collect their feedback on an ongoing basis with our free templates, then publish through the channels of your choice.

Collecter feedback

Maximise your answer rates by engaging each customer on their preferred channels.


In-store or e-commerce purchase, visit without purchase, click-and-collect... we can solicit all experiences.

Clients or prospects

Whether you have an up-to-date customer base or no contact data, we have solutions.


The design of our surveys is as personalised as their content. Every experience is unique, so why would you ask the same questions to every customer?

“WizVille platform permits a high level of reactivity thanks to continuous customer feedback and regular reporting. It is a modern solution that help us develop interactions with our customers”
Laurent Brangeon Retail director Maison 123
Laurent Brangeon

Retail director Maison 123 (Etam group)


Explore key data easily

WizVille manages, and analyzes collected feedback in real-time and offers recommendations to optimize your business and increase your revenues. 

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avis analysés
Automated analysis

WizVille analyzes customer feedback in real-time and turns it into meaningful, actionable data for your brand.

Clear display

The dashboards are customised for your company and offer the most relevant information to each of your teams.

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Tailor-made reports

Daily or monthly reports? Real-time notifications? Headquarters-only or company-wide? The choice is yours.

Key performance indicators

NPS®*, CSAT, CES...Discover all key customer satisfaction indicators at a glance

Customer conversations

Enter into a customer conversation by delivering personalized or pre-recorded answers directly from our platform.

“The WizVille platform is an accurate snapshot of what is happening on the ground. It is a well-thought-out tool, the results are explicit, and it is matching our needs. With WizVille, we have a gold mine for seeking recommendations.”
Stephanie Dubuisson Culligan Marketing
Stéphanie Dubuisson

Marketing manager, Culligan


Exploit the semantic richness of your customer reviews

Use the richness of open reviews (customer questionnaires, customer reviews on public platforms) to facilitate your daily customer satisfaction management.

Using the best NLP (Natural Language Processing) software, we help you analyze these reviews by classifying them according to a subject/theme and a tone (positive, negative, neutral).

Verbatim analysis EN

Make semantic analysis operational

Our strength lies in our ability to extract meaning from the client verbatim and summarize it to obtain operational restitution.

Our reports (evolution clusters, top 5 satisfaction/dissatisfaction) are easily usable and transposable into action plans on all components of the WizVille platform.

Tableau analyse EN

Classify your client verbatim, in evolution clusters, by subject/theme.

Sentiment analysis

Associate each of these verbatims and its subject with a specific feeling, whether positive, negative or neutral.

rapport sur mesure
Operational restitution

Obtain summarized reports of the verbatim analysis, directly transposable into action plans.


Engage your teams from headquarters to the ground.

Customer experience is as much about the headquarters as the ground. That's why we empower your teams with the information they need to advance at their level.

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Empowered teams

Notify your teams directly in case of a new customer opinion relating to them. Assign the treatment of dissatisfaction to the staff of your choice.

Simplified collaboration

Find out the priority areas for improvement detected by the platform. Then, create action plans and monitor results over time.

Customised notifications

Choose the frequency and recipients of all notifications, from dissatisfaction alerts to congratulatory emails.

Progress monitoring

Follow the impact of your actions in real time with our transparent widgets showing trends and evolution curves.

“WizVille helps us to animate our shops locally, thanks to our regional managers' continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction. To reinforce this positive emulation of customer satisfaction, we plan to award prizes to our best shops based on their NPS®* scores collected via WizVille.“
le texier
Anne-Catherine Le Texier

Omnichannel Director, Naturalia

*  NPS is a registered trademark, and Net Promoter System are service marks, of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc. and Fred Reichheld.

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