Impact of customer satisfaction on sales

Experience the future of customer satisfaction management

Give your teams the superpower to increase sales and competitiveness through customer satisfaction — a unique solution based on 4 years of R&D. 

Smart CSAT

Precisely measure the impact of customer satisfaction on sales

Learn how customer satisfaction impacts your ROI through sales, traffic and ARV on every aspect of your product offering and customer experience.

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Icone - Plug & play


No technical knowledge required, quick setup


Seamless algorithm

Calculation methods are transparent and data can be easily checked



We customize our algorithm to your business needs

Make the benefits of customer satisfaction a reality

Visualise the gains associated with increased customer satisfaction, in terms of revenue to be generated and in terms of competitiveness.

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Predictive recommendations

Let our AI guide you in prioritising customer satisfaction to maximise sales.

Capitalize on the collective wisdom of your organisation

Use our new success-sharing feature, making it easier to get feedback from the best shops in your network, to highlight best practices and facilitate their implementation through action plans.

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Each employee receives recommendations regarding his customer satisfaction level


On all levels

Headquarters, Regional Offices, Locations: everyone knows their priorities for driving sales


Natural prioritization

Employees can prioritise their actions on the basis of potential sales, saving time and increasing efficiency


Stand out from competitors

The benefits of Smart Customer Satisfaction Management are countless for the brands that have deployed our solution : 

Star Google-2  Increased customer loyalty
Star Google-2  Increased average baskets
Star Google-2  Rationalisation of investments 
Star Google-2  Time-saving in data analysis
Star Google-2  Simplified prioritization
Star Google-2  Reasoned allocation of human resources
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Invest in what impacts the most on your sales to boost your growth

Icone - Gain de temps


No time waste on analysis; priorities are clear and precise

equipe responsable

Better involvement

Realizing the impact of their efforts increases team involvement

An innovation made possible by:


Already deployed at our clients

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