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From customer experience to growth and profit 

Improve your customer experience and build an industry-leading online reputation.

How to move from customer satisfaction to sales impact?


Turning detractors into promoters...but how?

NPS®* goal is clear: reduce the number of detractors as much as possible to increase loyalty and improve word-of-mouth. 

But the NPS®* has its limits because it is an informational indicator, a vanity metric without any operational components.


*  NPS is a registered trademark, and Net Promoter System are service marks, of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc. and Fred Reichheld.

Measuring customer satisfaction is no longer enough

Measuring customer satisfaction is no longer enough in a context where every customer counts.

Linking customer satisfaction indicators and sales becomes essential to gain competitiveness and outperforming your competitors.

But indicators such as NPS do not allow this.

Indicators that do not engage ground staff

All too often, customer satisfaction indicators and measurements are misunderstood and even welcomed with suspicion by staff.

They are frequently seen as surveillance measures rather than operational tools and are rarely used by your locations' teams.

Indicators that are not very useful for developing action plans

Another major limitation of NPS or CSAT measurement is that they do not natively include operational elements.

It is impossible with these data to :

Star Google-2  Identify practical actions to implement to improve customer experience.

Star Google-2  To benchmark against the competition.

Our modules

With WizVille, you can:

Star Google-2  Centralise the measurement of your customer satisfaction by processing all your customer reviews in the same timeline while operating a multichannel management system (email, SMS, QR code, WhatsApp...).

Star Google-2  Boost your online reputation by publishing your customer reviews

Star Google-2  Monitor competition with our benchmark solution 

Star Google-2   Prioritise the issues that matter with our AI that will analyse your results in real-time and recommend which aspects of customer satisfaction should be improved first.

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Customer experience management

Use the voice of the customer insights to make the right decisions


Give your teams the power of customer knowledge.
Create ever more satisfying experiences that build loyalty and generate customer recommendation.

avis analysés
Customer feedback
Experience analysis
Action plans

Smart surveys

Survey your customers and prospects on all their experiences with you. Our satisfaction surveys adapt to all contact channels.

Real-time analysis

Sit back and relax while WizVille analyses the data and  customer feedback for you.

Data for the whole company

From front-line employees to headquarters, your teams get personalized access to our real-time platform, reports and email alerts.

Actionable insights

Our solution tells you which actions to take first to positively impact satisfaction and best collaborate with your teams to process customer reviews effectively.

Collecter feedback
Online verified reviews

Earn customer confidence and trust


Customer Satisfaction is your most important asset.
Capitalize on your customer feedback by sharing your verified reviews in all your communications and advertising platforms.

On Google
site web
On your website
On your products
In your stores


Publish fully verified customer reviews

To gain consumer trust and generate strong attachment to your brand, there is nothing quite like total transparency. This is why we exclusively publish customer reviews via our trusted third party Trustville. No cheating possible!

Find our the impact on your bottom-line

Whether your reviews related to your brand, your stores, or products, our customizable widgets allow you to publish them on all your media/channels, on offline, to boost your traffic and conversions.

Online review management

Protect and improve your online reputation


Manage and analyze your Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor reviews from a single platform. Turn them into drivers of growth and improvement.


Track and answer online reviews

Monitor reviews posted by your customers on Facebook, Tripadvisor and Google MyBusiness for all your stores from a single platform

Get your local teams involved

Delegate the responsibility of responding to reviews to your regional or local employees, to get the whole company involved in improving customer satisfaction.

Give your Google ratings a boost

Keep track of customer reviews processed by your teams, set alerts and reminders to never leave a negative review too long without an answer.

Competitor benchmarks

Climb above the competition

Getting a good rating is good, but it's no longer enough!
Keep an eye on your competitors' ratings and adapt your marketing plans accordingly.

Online reputation
Customer satisfaction
Local benchmarks
National benchmarks

Get a clear online reputation benchmark

Put yourself in your consumers 'shoes by comparing your businesses' Google My Business ratings to those of their local competitors.

Compare your customer satisfaction to your competitors'

Find out where you stand in terms of customer satisfaction compared to your local, regional or national competitors.

Share and compare results throughout your network

Measure your stores' online reputation performance by tracking the only indicator that really matters: their local positioning in terms of customer reviews!

Test the technology for free

Get a taste of WizVille's technology with WizVille Local Monitor, our 100% free tool limited to a maximum of 5 local competitors.

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