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Aigle equips its stores with WizVille’s customer feedback software

Aigle, the French footwear and clothing company for those who love the outdoors is collecting post-purchse customer feedback in 70 of its stores and on its website.

This customer awareness will help Aigle better understand their needs and enrich their experience with the brand.

The emphasis on quality and attention to detail characterize Aigle’s collections and were set to meet high specifications and guarantee product lifetime. The brand seeks to extend this approach to its customer relationships. To better answer their needs, Aigle chose to give them the opportunity to voice their opinion after every purchase.

To do so, Aigle selected customer feedback specialist, WizVille. By deploying the solution throughout its network – 70 stores – and on website, the company is able to send a short post-purchase survey via email to each shopper..

All of Aigle’s staff, from store personnel to head of network have access to the customers’ feedback in real-time. Both exhaustive and immediate, this collection of customer reviews gives them an essential perspective, helps them understand customer expectations and contributes to efforts to improve their experience with the brand.

David Lamarche, Sales Director EMEA for Aigle reflects on this project and on his choosing Wizville :

”Our customers’ satisfaction is at the heart of our everyday concerns, and what better than gathering tens of authentic customer reviews about their experience, on a daily basis, without any kind of filter, not only in our stores but also on That is what convinced me to use WizVille. WizVille is easy to use and helps our local teams get objective feedback in real-time. This feedback is a great source of motivation as it is not only focusses on areas of improvement but also on our strengths. Its a great step forward when it comes to checking up on the quality of service we provide”

Romain Lauwerier, Sales Manager at WizVille, adds:

”We are particularly proud of assisting Aigle with this project. On the one hand because Aigle is a great commercial success, launched in 1853, and a brand that everyone knows and loves. On the other hand, because this project is a fine demonstration of WizVille’s unique possibilities: listening to customers over multiple channels and providing customized feedback reports and access to data for each individual member of Aigle’s network.“

About Aigle

Aigle, master rubber craftsman since 1853, continues to hand make its boots in majority in france. In doing so, Aigle continues to foster a unique expertise, protecting mankind from the elements. equipped with this legacy, aigle boots, shoes and clothing clothing combine authenticity, style and practicality. High quality and attention to detail are the core principles of every collection design, which guarantee a perfected and long-lasting product.

About WizVille

WizVille is a French company which develops a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for managing customer experience quality in real-time. It was specifically designed for local retailers and distribution retail and provides an all-in-one solution for coaching retail outlet staff, based on real customer feedback.

WizVille has succeeded in convincing large sales networks such as Monoprix, Biroche Dorée, Laforêt Immobilier, 1.2.3, Undiz and 5àsec to use its services and the solution is currently deployed in over 3,000 stores and points of sales across 15 countries. The solution was designed for network outlets over a large number of industries: large-scale distribution, specialized retail, apparel, opticians, banks and insurance companies, the beauty and automotive industries, restaurants and local services.

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